Long Island Pre and Post-Op of Orthopedic Surgery

How one prepares for surgery and treats the recovery process are two key aspects of a successful orthopedic surgery. This post includes what someone can expect before and after surgery in order to better prepare oneself.

Before surgery.
When you meet with a doctor before surgery ask any questions you may have. No question is a stupid question. One must have a clear understanding before undergoing any procedure. Make sure you have all of the necessary medications or equipment you may need after surgery set aside so that after the procedure, you can just simply rest and recover. Weeks up to your surgery when a question pops in your head, write it down. When you go in for your pre-op appointment, bring your list of questions with you so you do not forget to ask any of the questions you have.

Know how to prep your skin before and surgery to help avoid infections from occurring. You should also assure that the anesthesiologist speaks with you before surgery. There are multiple types of anesthesia. Some are safer and more practical for particular patients and procedures.

After surgery – Recovery.
Recovery varies based on the type or procedure the patient is having. Most patients that undergo an orthopedic surgery require post-surgical therapy for a specific amount of time in order to restore the areas full mobility and strength. Recovery time also varies between patients. What takes one person a week to recover from could take you two weeks. That is not because of anything other than the fact that you are not the same person.

After orthopedic surgery, like any surgery, the patients are left with pain in the area of the operation. The good thing is that pain can likely be managed. Medical professionals prefer to limit the amount of pain killers a patient needs to manage pain. To do this, surgeons use long-lasting anesthetics and other techniques to control pain.

Most surgeries require the patient to limit the amount of weight put on the area for a while along with plenty or rest and icing if necessary. Whatever the surgeon tells you to do during recovery, do it because they are the experts.

It’s important to follow pre-operation and post-operation instructions to have a successful orthopedic procedure in Long Island, New York.