Freight Auditing in New York

Too many companies overpay when it comes to shipping because they don’t have the knowledge necessary to compare services and transit times. Not only does this waste the companies money, but it also wastes a lot of fuel as well. Companies need the proper tips and techniques to manage their shipping costs. It’s a necessity for businesses to perform freight auditing services to get back the money they were overcharged. This article will explain the different ways companies can perform freight auditing.

Manual match is one technique companies use for freight auditing. This method involves in-house employees. These employees are paid to manually process freight audits and various invoices. However, this method can quickly burnout your employees especially if they have other tasks to complete on top of this. It’s also advised that this method may be prone to errors. It truly depends on the size and substance of your business and how often you ship.

Another technique for freight auditing is using licensed software solutions. This software can be extremely effective in freight auditing and save time and money in the process. Software is capable of catching errors that employees may make. In addition to this technique, it stores the data which can be used later to improve the freight auditing process. While it may cost a lot up front, this can save the company time, effort, and money later on.

A third technique is known as audit outsourcing firms. These firms in New York specialize in freight auditing and they are professionals. This is the best option for large scale companies that ship things very frequently. Although it costs the company money to hire a professional, it also helps the company get back money they were overcharged on previously shipped items.