Cheap Garage Organization Tips

Garages often become cluttered with miscellaneous items from holiday decorations to sporting goods and everything in between. Storage systems in stores can be very costly, preventing people from organizing their garages effectively. Do-it-yourself tips and tricks can make getting organized easy and affordable for you. This article will demonstrate some of these easy tips that will provide storage solutions.

• Hanging Shoe Rack- You can hang these lightweight racks to store miscellaneous items in your garage such as spray paint cans, small tools, garden cords, and other small items. This is a great way to store similar items that don’t have a designated place.
• PVC Pipes- Utilizing PVC pipes is a great way to store heavy tools against the wall and securing them so they won’t hit anyone and injure them. It also keeps these tools from cluttering on the floor, wasting garage floor space.
• Window Planter Boxes- Window planters can be used to store various supplies, such as cleaning supplies. You can easily label or write on the boxes to specify what items you’ll find in each box. This is a great way to separate and store supplies for specific chores such as washing the car, gardening, car maintenance tools, and other related items.
• Plastic Bins- Plastic storage bins are a commonly used storage tool for in the home and in the garage. These can be labeled, stacked, and stored to maximize storage space in the garage. Labeling helps find your items and put them back where they belong. It’s recommended to put items in bins you don’t use on a daily basis.
• Pegboards- Peg boards are a great way to hang tools or small items directly on it, so they are in sight and easily accessible. You can also use pegboards to hold plastic cups where you can put small tools like screws or nails grouped together.

Garage specialists offer solutions to your cluttered mess. Consult with a local garage organization expert to help organize your space today.