Best Practices of Web Design Elements in New York

There are many elements of a website that should be utilized correctly for the best results. In fact, utilizing or ignoring these elements can be the difference between successful websites and failures. Call-to-action buttons, image captions, and maps are three of the many key elements to an optimized website design. This article will discuss the best practices of these three key elements so web designers can optimize websites for clients and improve their own business reputations.

Call-to-action buttons are an extremely important element to a website because ultimately, it communicates what the brand wants the user to do. These elements solicit an action or response from the user. These elements are usually presented in a clickable format, such as a “Buy Now” button. Other examples include polls or surveys, comment boxes, read more links, and more. These call-to-action buttons must grasp the users’ attention if brands want a high success rate. Some best practices of call-to-action buttons include large size, prominent positioning, and centering it.

Another important website element is image captions. This element is often overlooked in website design, however, it allows brands to communicate more information with users and improves overall style. It helps to reinforce the design and adds content in an underpowering way so users don’t feel overwhelmed. Designers can use simple photo captions or go for a more graphic and intricate style that includes various effects. The best practices of image captions include focusing on typography, captioning images at the bottom of the photo, and using italics.

Using maps in web design can be greatly beneficial. Geo-location emerged in 2009 but its importance has grown over the years in web designs. Mapping applications used on websites creates a user-friendly experience, helps users find brand locations, and helps the brand itself improve its rankings with geo-location pages. The best practices include providing directions, utilizing interactive maps, and using small markers as to avoid cluttering the map.

Companies should strive to find the best web-design professionals in New York to improve their business and keep their customers engaged with the brand.